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How to setup your HP Printer from 123.hp.com/setup

  1. Go to 123.hp.com/setup official page.
  2. Open your web browser and type 123.hp.com/setup, you will see results shown below. Click on the official webpage of HP Printer that is 123.hp.com/setup.

  3. On , Enter your product name or model number.
  4. Afetr you open 123.hp.com/setup, you will get a search box. Type your product name or model number to get right Hp software and drivers.

  5. Click on Install HP Smart
  6. After entering your product name, you will redirect to the next page of 123.hp.com/setup. Now, click on the button "Install HP Smart" to continue.

  7. Download HP Software.
  8. After clicking on the Install button, you will see the downloaded ".exe" setup file in the footer of your web browser.

  9. Run the .exe file.
  10. Open the downloaded setup file from downloads. Click on "YES".

  11. Accept the Installtion Agreement.
  12. Now a prompt window is open in your PC. You will see multiple options there. Atlast click on "Next" button.
    Select the checkbox to accept the installation agreement. Click on "Next".

  13. Select your suitable option.
  14. You will see 3 options on the screen. select your suitable option to continue.

  15. Selct your Connection status.
  16. From the two options, select one of yours then select "Next".

  17. HP Printer is successfully connected to the network.
  18. After following all the above mentioned steps, your device is successfully connected to the network.


If you are HP Printer user, then you must be aware of all the factors and benefits of 123.hp.com/setup printer. HP printers are the all-in-one solution for office use as well as for home use. If you are a new user, then you must need the guidance for setup though the process is quite easy. Here, in this website you will get the complete information about 123.hp.com/setup.

Are you Beginner ? Get Here All The Simple Steps For Setup & Installation

  1. Unbox your HP Printer first.
  2. Detach all the packing material from the box. Check if there are no tapes left inside in any printers's part.
  3. Presently plug in your printer power cord into a functioning power socket.Press the power button and your printer will begin flickering.
  4. When you'll reach the printer's screen, setup Language, Date , Region and so on whatever is asked by it.
  5. Take out the original ink cartridges out from the box. now inset each ink in the right place after opening the cartidges door.
  6. Assuming you are befuddled and dont realize how to embed the ink cartridges then you can take the assistance of the printer manual.
  7. Yow will get the message on your screen after shuting the door.
  8. Now take A4 size printing sheets and put enough sheets in the input tray.
  9. Your printer will align both- sheets and ink cartridges.
  10. Now it will requset you for the connection.

Printer Connection

It's time to move further for the network connection of your Hp Printer. Here you get three choices from which you are free to pick any one of them.

  1. USB Printing Setup
  2. Ethernet Connection
  3. Wireless Network Setup

Connect your HP Printer with USB Cable

  1. USB cable ports are given that are utilized to module USB Cable or Ethernet link in your PC or network router.
  2. Many of the computers are connected to a wired network by one built-in Ethernet port.
  3. Both are different options to connect your phone - USB or Ethernet cables.
  4. Plug in both the port of the USB cable in your printer and another on your computer.
  5. Go with the instructions given on screen and install the HP printer driver software.

Connect with Ethernet

  1. First of all make sure that you have an ethernet cable which is supported by your printer model.
  2. At the time of installation make sure that you choose any one of the option Wired Network or Ethernet option.
  3. Now its the time when you need a network router.
  4. If your router doesn't have any free ports then you ill require a switch or hub.
  5. Connect the Ethernet ports with printer and router.
  6. The connection is successfully established between your router and printer.

Wireless Connection Setup of HP Printer

  1. Press the wireless button on your printer.
  2. A blue light will show you that the system is ON. Now. its time for setting the printer. Press Settings on-screen of the printer.
  3. Next, select the Wireless Setup Wizard option and select "Yes".
  4. Go with the instructions coming on screen.
  5. The printer will detect the available networks of the router.
  6. From the list select your router after that enter the password of the network for the connection.
  7. Confirm the wireless network by following the on-screen instructions.

Download Drivers from 123.hp.com/setup

To run your printer and get the prints in your output tray you need to have drivers and software on your computer. As drivers enable the printing and send the printing command to the printer. Here are steps given to download Hp printer drivers:Let’s start:

  1. Turn to the HP printer and the computer
  2. Open your web browser and type 123.hp.com/setup
  3. Make sure the cartridges are installed, the paper is prepared, and the printer is operated. To get the recommended software for your printer, click Download.
  4. Enter the number of the HP Printer model in the space given
  5. Select your printer driver.
  6. Click the download button.
  7. Now you will need to install the downloaded driver.
  8. Now click on Install option and start installing, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

123 HP Setup Solutions For:


For your windows operating system computer and laptops, you will find a complete guide here. 123.hp.com/setup, configuration, install, and how to use HP printer with Windows.


If you are using Mac and operating HP Printer along with it and during the process, if you find any difficulty, you will get the solution here to resolve the various errors.


Gone those days when you can only print from Desktop, today HP printer users can connect their printer with their smartphone to get instant HD prints.

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